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2007-12-05 at 4:42 p.m.

So my boss says: "I need to set up a meeting with you to talk about this new position." (combo Systems/Tech Svc. librarian with management duties).

And I say: "Will it make me cry?"

And she says: "Only if you're sane."

Hmmmmmm. Let's analyze this, shall we?

If I was sane, there would be NO WAY in the BOWELS OF FLAMING HELL that I would want that job, what with the TS staff being the most evil, whiny and stupid (yes, stupid) group of people ever to drag their knuckles into a library.

However, since I am most decidedly in the NOT SANE spectrum of sanity, there is a good chance that my boss is going to offer me the job tomorrow. And, as I have established myself as lacking in the sanity department, I may just take it.

More responsibility, more hassle and a teeny bit more money. This could be a fan-freakin'-tastic opportunity to test my capacity for evil. Or I could lose my mind, quit, and become a children's librarian. Who knows?


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